Shiva Systems DJ & Remixing Academy is the largest DJ Training organization in India.Shiva Systems is India's first dedicated DJ & Remixing Academy providing a wide range of courses, such as CD DJing, Vinyl DJing, Digital DJing, Remixing, Digital Music Production and VJing.

Shiva Systems is a professionally run, fun and informal place to come to learn about any aspect of DJing, music and youth culture related program.

Students from all over India and from Overseas, to learn the art of DJing, Remixing, Digital Music Production & Vjing and experience the wonderful life-style of DJs & VJ's

Everyday, with a new pub, discotheque, radio channel mushrooming, the DJs & VJ's have a stable and secure career. Hundreds of movies released annually in India, and every Bollywood movie has songs and their remix versions. As Bollywood is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, the demands of Indian DJs & Remixers have been growing worldwide. Click to enroll now